Introducing Talent Vibes
8th Nov 2018


For certain vacancies we advertise we get hundreds of applications. We are bound to miss a good candidate between all the applications coming through as we have limited time and resources available to process each candidate.

What do we typically do then in this case?

We start randomly at the first candidate in the inbox (typically last CV received). We open the candidate, look at their CV and credentials and then decide if we would like to invite them for an interview. At this point we have not had any interaction with the candidate. We only had a CV to look at. We might also proceed to search the candidate’s name online to see what other info we can retrieve. If we happy with the outcome we then proceed with making contact with the candidate to setup an interview. This total process could take up to 15 – 30 minutes per candidate.

Talent Vibes Shortlist Candidates in 3 minutes

Would it not be great if this could only take 3 minutes and if by the time you look at a candidate for the first time you already have some pre-screening interview questions answered and the candidate is already shortlisted amongst the whole list of candidates received, so you focus on the best suited candidates from the word go?

Talent Vibes’ intelligent engine automatically assesses each candidate that responds to a job vacancy looking at both the skills and the personality characteristics of the candidate defined as per the job profile.

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